Alumni Program

The NSP Alumni is a membership category for all patrollers, with a minimum of one year’s service, who no longer wish to continue their Active Status with the National Ski Patrol System, but want to keep informed and stay involved.

Mission Statement

“To utilize the experience, knowledge and energies of those who have retired from active patrolling, while extending to them the recognition, dignity, and awards they have earned.”

Why should you join?

By joining you can continue to be part of the largest winter rescue organization in the world. You will not be required to fulfill any refresher requirements except to maintain instructor certifications if you continue teaching.

Stay involved

Although you are no longer an Active Patroller or Auxiliary, you are encouraged to stay involved in any of the many opportunities available on a Patrol, Region and Division level.

Regardless of the scope of involvement, Alumni can contribute to the success of ski patrolling at any level. Contact a Patrol Director, Region or Division Officer or Region Alumni Coordinator for details.


  • NSP Courses: Avalanche, OEC, Mountaineering, Instructor Development, etc. – Take or instruct.
  • Courtesy/Host Patrols
  • Special Olympics
  • Administrative Capacities i.e. newsletter editor, webmaster, treasurer, registrar, social director etc.
  • Community Safety Talks
  • Alumni Days
  • Recruit Candidates
  • Other NSP-sponsored Activities


  • Certificates of Appreciation from your Patrol, Region or Division.
  • Eastern Division Outstanding Alumni Award.


You may not purchase or wear Active NSP uniforms or duty identification. You may purchase all other catalog items including the following:
  • “ALUMNI” Sweater Pin
  • Alumni Chest Badge


You will receive:
  • Ski Patrol Magazine
  • NSP Catalog
  • Eastern Division Trail Sweep
  • Region Newsletter
  • Region Alumni Coordinator Letters