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Welcome to the Southern New York Region of the National Ski Patrol. The Southern New York Region is made up of 200+ dedicated men and women who adhere to the creed of "Service and Safety". As members of NSP, these men and women are dedicated to the outdoor recreation community and provide quality outdoor emergency care at ski areas within the Region.

Are you a fan of skiing, boarding Nordic skiing, winter camping, mountaineering or mountain biking?

Are you a provider of emergency medical care or want to be?

Are you interested in providing emergency care and mountain rescue?

Are you an active patroller seeking continuing education?

Welcome to the Southern New York Region…….perhaps we can meet your needs.

Brief History: The National Ski Patrol was organized in1938 and directed by Charles Minot "Minnie" Dole. By his retirement in 1950 Dole had build the NSP into an organization of 4000 members serving 300 ski patrols. During World War II, Dole was responsible for the establishment of the famed 10th Mountain Division of the US Army.

Thanks to this distinguished legacy the NSP was recognized with a Federal Charter by the US Congress in 1980. This is an endorsement that only a few other American Institutions have earned including the American Red Cross, YMCA and Boy Scouts of America. The charter stipulates that the NSP continue to promote safety and health in skiing and other outdoor winter recreational activities.

NSP members are people with a strong desire to help others, to learn and use emergency care skills, improve their skiing and snowboarding skills and help make mountain recreation safer for all. Although we come from varied backgrounds we have common traits:

· Strong desire to help others

· A work hard, play hard attitude

· Dedicated/devoted

· Desire to continually enhance personal knowledge and skills


· Chance to learn about emergency care, search and rescue, avalanche control, lift evacuation, mountaineering, toboggan handling and other topics,,,,

· Membership in a professional organization

· Subscription to NSP magazine

· Professional programs/discounts

· Lifetime friendships

If you are interested in joining NSP, please contact the Patrol Director at the area you are interested. Click here for list of Patrol Directors .

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