2017 Election Information

NSP Region Director Election Fall 2017

Kim Terwilliger - Statement and Resume


Fall Election 2017

The bi-annual election for Region Director of the Southern New York Region will take place at this year's fall OEC refreshers. Please forward all nominations. Any patroller eligible to vote in the election may nominate a qualified candidate (please see the Region bylaws for eligibility).

Also, to Patrol representatives of the Northern Catskills Section, this is my second call for nominations. If none are received, balloting will have to take place at the Spring officer's meeting. If that occurs, please be sure to attend the meeting or give a valid proxy.

Thank you.

Mitch Kessler
SNY Region Election Committee Chair

Eligibility:Region Director candidates must be Active registered patrollers in SNY Region, have a minimum of five seasons of patrolling experience, and have achieved Senior Alpine, Senior Nordic, or Certified status. Members currently registered as Auxiliary Patrollers are qualified to become Region Director candidates if they have met the requirements described above at some point in their patrol career.

This year a Region Director Candidate must have been registered as a patroller on or before October 1, 2012 for a total of 5 full seasons.


  • Preside at all SNY Region Meetings.
  • Oversee SNY Region activities.
  • Perform all other duties voted upon by SNY voting members
  • Be a sitting member of the Eastern Division Board of Directors. (Attend all meetings of ED BOD).

Election Schedule:
Nominations Accepted: July 31 – 11:59 p.m. October 24, 2017
Election: Secret ballot during OEC Refreshers
Absentee ballot with written application to Election Chairman

Required Paperwork:
Nomination Form
Nominee’s Statement
Nominee’s NSP Resume/NSP Biography
Submitted In Writing To: Mitch Kessler – Elections Chairman upphetsade@aol.com

Election Committee Members:
Mitch Kessler (Chairman)
Bob Savacol
Janet Hartman
John Jaeger